Step Out With A Green Horse Tote and Make a Statement

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Recently I attended a horse expo with my Counter-Canter Culture bag in tow (yes, that one to the left), and a teen called out across the plaza, “I love your bag!” I was immediately elated, and then I got to thinking, “What is about how a well-chosen equestrian tote that makes such a statement?”

Sometimes it’s the great image or unique tagline that sets it apart, but these days certain bags carry an even more desirable distinction.  They demonstrate that their user is committed to recycle, reuse, and generally make the world a more beautiful place for humans and, more importantly, the horses!

So let’s make a statement by investing in creative, reasonably priced, horse-themed totes that tout equestrians’ commitment to preserving the environment for one and all!  The following six tote styles will set you on your way to doing just that.

From plastic duraweave upcycled horse feed bags, to modern reusable totes to die for and timeless English and Western shopping bags, there’s an eco-friendly option for every equestrian.  As you will see, even some of the retailers are getting in the game.   Make one (or more!) your own today and start making your own statement!

1. Upcycled Horse Feed Bags From Etsy

Feed Bag Reusable

Left: Upcycled Reusable Ultra-Fiber Horse Feed Bag by sarakaycow on Etsy
Right: Upcycled Reusable Gold Horse Feed Bag by RecycledUseful on Etsy

2. Modern Reusable Bags Featuring the Horse’s Cousin From The Sea

Seahorse Reusable Bag

Left: Seahorse and Shell Print Reusable Tote on Cost Plus World Market
Right: Reusable Seahorse Bag on Baggu

3. One-of-a-Kind Horse Designs Presented on Society6 Canvas Totes

Society6 Reusable Bags_edited-1

1. Horse Tote Bag by Dvdesign on society6
2. Horse Tote Bag by Alvaro Tapia Hidalgo on society6
3. Horse Tote Bag by Mark Ashkenazi on society6
4. Horse Tote Bag by Judy Kaufmann on society6

4. Old English Elegance with a Contemporary Eco-Friendly Twist

English Reusable Bag

Left: British Horse Racing Themed Reusable Shopping Bag from horseracinggifts on eBay
Right: Harrods Equestrian Reusable Tote Bag from fripperys on eBay

5. Vintage Western Style from Blue Q’s Boss Lady

Western Boss Lady Final_edited-1

Left: Boss Lady Shopping Tote from Blue Q on reuseit
Right: Boss Lady Shopping Tote from Blue Q on G Squared Gallery

6. Chick’s Discount Saddlery and SmartPak Show Off Their Green Side

Retailers Final

Left: Love Horses – Love Chick’s Reusable Tote Bag from Chick’s Discount Saddlery
Right: Smart Horse Owner Eco Tote from SmartPak

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