Imagine A Happy Horsey Valentine’s Day Weekend

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Songs that lend a voice to the equestrian world in a way only music can.

As horse girls, our first love almost always had four legs and tail.  So it’s fitting that we celebrate this Valentine’s Day with Athansor, a great white stallion that requires no king or knight to be our hero.  Sing along with the 100% Sound playlist, Winter’s Tale, which features the themes of the great Mark Helprin novel that gave us Athansor, in his honor this weekend!

Featured Artists from the Playlist: Birdy, Portugal. The Man and Bright Eyes

Listo, an Andalusian stallion, photographed in Brooklyn, NY, on the set of Winter's Tale.

Listo, an Andalusian stallion, photographed in Brooklyn, NY, on the set of Winter’s Tale.

It’s hard to take fantastical novels from the page to the silver screen without losing something in translation.  There are simply some things our minds can imagine that we still struggle to bring to the screen.  And sometimes the time constraints of film are just too great to do a story justice.  Unfortunately, the “Winter’s Tale” film exemplifies this fact.

Yes, I’ve seen it for myself now, and I could write my own novel about the ways in which this film falls short of its literary parent.  But, I won’t bore you, and from the sobs and standing ovation the film received from the woman sitting next to me in the theater, I imagine the movie is actually more satisfying if you have  never heard of the book.  In any case, the movie succeeded in the one task most important to us equestrians.  The performance by Listo, the Andalusian stallion that plays Athansor, rightly receives top marks.  Just look at that gorgeous guy!

The 100% Sound featured playlist artists this week attempt a similar feat to the “Winter’s Tale” film via music videos that bring their fantastical tunes to life with images of great horses, among many other things.  Do these videos succeed where “Winter’s Tale” failed, by adding to the lyrical value of the original work?  Let us know what you think over at our Facebook page!

Birdy – Wings

Portugal. The Man – Modern Jesus

Bright Eyes – Shell Games

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