Puppy Love

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Last week, equestrian football team, the Broncos, got stomped in the Super Bowl.  There’s no denying that.  But the contest wasn’t a total loss for horse lovers because a team of Clydesdales took home top prize in the game behind the game – the commercials!  Budweiser’s Super Bowl spot, known as “Puppy Love,” featured 17 Clydesdale horses, eight golden Labrador puppies and one tune that left a lot of viewers asking, “What was that song?”

The answer is Passenger’s “Let Her Go,” and it’s already been blazing up the charts, particularly outside of the United States.  Passenger is the stage name of English singer/songwriter Michael Rosenberg.  “Let Her Go” is the successful single from his latest album, “All the Little Lights,” on which he was joined by a core Australian band that included 100% Sound playlist artist Boy & Bear drummer Tim Hart.  This all around great song sets the perfect soundtrack to the winning Budweiser spot.

Just in case you haven’t caught it yet, or just want to see it one more time, here it is.  “Puppy Love” and Passenger in all their glory!

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