Down to the Wire: 2.4.14 – Horse Power

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Horse Power


OK, the Broncos got trashed by the Seahawks in Sunday’s Super bowl . Could the reason be that horses just should stay off the gridiron?


A funny article by Adam Jacobi: Opinion: I Don’t Think Horses Should Play Human Football lists the reasons that equines and pigskins just don’t mix.

First Jacobi states that he is not against interspecies sports being the founder of Dinosaur Racecars. But as he makes clear, there are limits.

“I’m here to talk about why not all sports are for all animals. For example, humans should not bobsled or luge. That’s a ridiculous sport. Those tracks are made for penguins to slide on their bellies, and if that’s what the sport was about the injuries would be minimal. Also, ratings would be sky-high.

Similarly, I’ve tried to get cats involved in sailing, and they just spend the entire time on the boat scared out of their minds. Worst regatta ever.”

He begins with 1) Horses can’t catch. His reasoning?  “Clippy-cloppy hooves” to begin with. Read his objections and carefully thought-out explanations here.


Don’t agree? Fortunately Carley Sparks ups the bet by taking on his arguments one by one and giving him a run for the money in Should Horses Be Allowed In the NFL?

“Now, Jacobi raises some solid arguments and cites insightful Google stats. But I’m going to disagree on principal and state on record that I, for one, will be very upset if a horse isn’t recruited to play wide receiver. Or narrow receiver. Or whatever it is they call the guys in tights.

We’re taking this rebuttal point by point. Because this is important. And because everyone else in my house is watching the Big Game right now on the only working television. I may or may not have anything better to do than pick a fake argument.”

Read here as she attempts to tackle his defenses or whatever… you know what I mean…

Finally, as the dreary weather in the Midwest and Eastern parts of the US shows no signs of abating, this video of 4 Amish draft horses pulling a Milk Truck back onto the road in central Pennsylvania in 2011 show why horses are still belong in the modern world whether they play football or not.

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