Twelve Looks That Will Have You Dressed For Success In The Year of the Horse

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Want to put your best foot forward in 2014, The Year of the Horse?  You better check your feng shui!

The best colors to wear this year are based on the feng shui element of the current Chinese New Year, and 2014 is the Year of the Wood element.  This means to find harmony with the energy of this year and befriend the ruling Wood Horse energy, you should be wearing the colors of the Wood feng shui element.  All shades of green and brown are ideal!  The colors of the Water element, blue and black, are also good luck in the Year of the Wooden Horse because water supports wood’s growth and well-being.

Check out the looks below to see how you can creatively incorporate these colors into your wardrobe this year.  Of course, it just wouldn’t be right if each look also didn’t highlight our universal best friend this year, the horse!

Wood Element Styles

Green Scarves

Make one or both of these lucky green scarves your own at Artsy Modern and Etsy respectively.

Green T-Shirts

Celebrate in style with this Year of the Horse green tee from Zazzle or give a shout out to one of yours and my favorite horsey businesses, Daytrotter, with this green gem from Wolfgang’s Vault.

Green Dress

Finally add a little sparkle back into your life with this green sequins number from or adorn yourself with a simple but lucky print from Modcloth.

Water Element Styles

Blue Scarves

Black and blue meet in this scarf from Etsy.  Or you can get creative, and wrap yourself in a piece of fine art with this Franz Marc’s Blue Horse I silk scarf, available from the Lipizzan Association of North America.

Blue T Shirts_edited-1

Show your love for The Year of the Horse and grab a bargain with this unique design t-shirt from Six Dollar Shirts, or show off your vintage graphic style with this asian-inspired VHAVE t-shirt, available on Etsy.

Blue DressesThe Year of the Horse never looked so good as it does with this wrap dress from Phoebe Couture, available online at Neiman Marcus Last Call.  And, last but certainly not least, feel lucky in this little number from Modcloth that will truly have you ready for professional success.

Are there colors you should avoid in this Lunar New Year?  Absolutely!  The least favorable colors for 2014 are those associated with the Metal and Fire feng shui elements.  This means whites and grays for Metal, and purples, oranges and reds for Fire.

That being said, since horses are said to have the energy of Fire, you may be able to get away with the accents in the Fire feng shui element.  Plus, red is always a lucky Chinese color, so don’t be afraid to go bold in this stand out color this year!


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