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Songs that lend a voice to the equestrian world in a way only music can.

Have you started celebrating The Year of the Horse yet?  If not, what are you waiting for?  This will be our year!  So put on this latest playlist from 100% Sound, and start getting in the spirit already!

Featured Artists from the Playlist: Scissor Sisters and Poolside

As I was creating an all dance playlist for 100% Sound this week, I couldn’t help thinking back to an early post of mine on dancing horses: Top Five Videos That Give Street Cred Back To Dancing Horses.  This was partly due to the fact that 100% Sound playlist artist Capital Cities also appeared in that post as well with their very equine video for “Kangaroo Court,” but it was also because this weekend’s featured artists, Scissor Sisters and Poolside, have found some really awesome ways to highlight the dancing horse.  Plus there’s a shout out to “Bring On The Dancing Horses” singers, Echo and the Bunnymen in the mix!

First up is this video for Scissor Sisters‘ amazing Calvin Harris-produced single “Only the Horses.”  Given the title of the track and the song’s galloping synths, it’s not surprising that this video features horses, but the way in which the horses act as the band’s savior is quite a pleasing surprise for me.

Particularly since it’s pretty hard to say exactly what this song is about.  And it’s not just me that wonders.  Scissor Sisters’ female lead singer Ana Matronic didn’t know what this track was about when she heard it either.  “I worried that people would not understand,” she told Spinner, “but then I started thinking about some of my favorite bands like Echo and the Bunnymen, who wrote these beautiful, amazing, rather nonsensical songs. You didn’t know what [Ian McCulloch] meant by ‘kissing the tortoise shell,’ but you were like, ‘Yeah! I’m right there kissing the tortoise shell too.’ It was just one of those songs that has this expansive feeling to it.”

The video is followed by a behind the scenes look at the making of the video for “Only The Horses.”  Even if we may never fully understand the song, we can learn a lot about the concept of the video and that’s something!

Scissor Sisters – Only The Horses

Next up is Poolside’s video for their non-album track “Only Everything.”  Poolside is a California-based duo made up of producer Filip Nikolic and DJ Jeffrey Paradise.  The pair, who describes their sound as “Daytime Disco,” teamed up with Scion A/V to create this music video that manages to have horses galloping down the streets of Los Angeles again.  See how they made it happen!

Poolside – Only Everything

I hope you’ve enjoyed these videos and are ready to rock in The Year of the Horse for the full fifteen days!

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