Down to the Wire:1.28.14 – Horse Traditions

Down to the Wire

Down to the Wire races to deliver the latest Equine and Equestrian news to Counter-Canter Culture

Horse Traditions


A charming story featured on, “Selling the Wooden Horse in the Age of the iPad” concludes there will always be a place for wooden toys.


It highlights the Kickstarter project by Shalgi Design Studio, two brothers who have translated their childhood experiences growing up in the countryside into a classic wooden horse toy with contemporary appeal. Check out “My Wooden Horse”

NY Mag

The decision by New York Mayor Bill DeBlasio to ban the horse-drawn carriage rides in Central Park has been controversial and generated massive media commentary  both for and against. Finally, a thoughtful article by Lee Siegel in New York Magazine explores the complicated issue with intelligence and insight. Counter-Canter Culture recommends the story, “Clomping Toward Oblivion” which gives a nuanced overview and concludes that however you feel about it, the days of this traditional custom are likely numbered and that the horses are not necessarily the winners.

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