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Riding Habit Revised a column where the best and worst of equestrian fashion and decor is reviewed with a modern edge. 


Since the inception of Riding Habit Revised, it has been my mission to highlight the modern, and even rebellious, names in equestrian fashion.  For most riders, this means steering clear of looks that conjure up an old English fox hunt or an overly preppy polo match.  But what if wearing these age-old looks, with a bit of personal flair, was an act of rebellion?

Such was the case for Andre “3000” Benjamin.  As one half of the hip hop duo OutKast, he was expected to sport conventional rapper looks, like baseball jerseys and sneakers.  But he quickly tired of looking the part.

Instead, he allowed his passion for riding boots, equestrian cut suits, polo shirts, and even straw hats to shine through.  This decision led him to be dubbed the ‘Best dressed Man in the World’, by Esquire, and to be ranked 10th in GQ’s ‘Most Stylish Musicians of All Time.”  GQ also described him as “perhaps the biggest risk taker on this list,” in part for rocking looks this like this one for a Fashion Week party.

andre-3000 in boots

And Mr. Benjamin wasn’t content with simply making his mark with his own personal fashion.  He took his love of old English style to the next level, by launching his own high-end clothing line, Benjamin Bixby. When it debuted in 2010, GQ Magazine named him “Best New Designer of the Year.”  Here’s what his award-winning rebel line looked like.

Benjamin Bixby V. 1For me, one of the most exceptional aspects of this line was the brand tagline: “Benjamin Bixby.  That rebel spirit in all of us.”  Is this rebellious clothing?  We equestrians look at this, and most likely think, “This isn’t daring.  It’s conventional.”  But in this case, we’d be wrong.

Mr. Benjamin explained why he is absolutely taking a risk with these looks in this interview with The Guardian, shortly before his line was displayed in nothing less than the famed Harrods department store.  This article is a worthwhile read for a fresh look on traditional equestrian fashion.

Rapped Up In Tweed 

As for the future, along with the reunion tour for OutKast, 2014 is slated to see more from Andre Benjamin’s clothing line.  After learning from both the success and failures of his first collection, Benjamin is reimagining the line as just “Bixby,” which he described to Esquire magazine in this manner: “It’s almost as if you took Ralph Lauren and Jimi Hendrix in a hot air balloon and just flew them around the world. That’s Bixby.”

Now that we equestrians would love to see!

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