A Wake Up Call For Ralph Lauren

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For this 100% Sound follow up, I’m keeping it short and sweet because I’m actually participating in a horse circus, I mean show, myself today!  So, I’m just going to make this quick salute to Ralph Lauren for lessons learned.

In this week’s 100% Sound column, Andre 3000 Has Equestrians Seeing Royal Green, I mentioned my disappointment that Mr. Lauren turned down Andre’s kind offer to appear in his “Hey Ya!” video, since his looks could surely use an infusion of modern music.  Well, it only took a decade for him to come around, but it’s here at last – Ralph Lauren in a music video!

Photo By Courtesy Photo

Photo By Courtesy Photo

Okay, okay.  So it’s not exactly Ralph Lauren himself, but his line, Denim & Supply, teamed up with Swedish producer and DJ, Avicii, last summer to make the music video for Avicii’s hit song “Wake Me Up.”  The video is directed by Mark Seliger, the same man responsible for the Denim & Supply advertising campaign, and features the same cast of models – plus a horse!

You might remember this track and its horse-filled music video from the 100% Sound article The New Country Club.  Here’s a behind the scenes look at the making of the video, including some pretty impressive shots of movie horses making it look easy to be in front of the cameras.

Ralph Lauren’s executive vice president of advertising, marketing and corporate communications, David Lauren, said of this endeavor, “Avicii’s music, combined with Mark Seliger’s legendary experience shooting fashion and music icons, has allowed us to showcase the brand to our customers in an entirely new way.”

No kidding?  Way to catch on Ralph Lauren.  Our hats off to you!

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