Arts & Equitainment: Katy and the Doctor Unhorsed

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Katy and the Doctor Unhorsed

Apparently Katy Perry and Peter Capaldi are equestrian exploiters, we at Counter-Canter Culture are sad to say.


On January 10, Perry revealed the cover art for her “Dark Horse” single. The art work was created by Yao Xiao, who is an artist and illustrator based in New York City.  As MTV notes, Xiao previously had illustrations of Perry, Miley Cyrus and Lady Gaga featured in Entertainment weekly.

So Perry rides a “Dark Horse” to further fame and fortune but what are her real feelings toward the equine world, we want to know… Surely she isn’t just another petty pop princess we thought darkly… Alas…

Meanwhile new Dr. Who Peter Capaldi frankly admits that horses aren’t his thing. The headline on an article in the Daily Mail snorts, ” ‘I’m afraid of that horse and the horse knows it’: New Time Lord Peter Capaldi films Doctor Who scenes on fake stallion leaving stunt double to ride the real thing.”

article-2539236-1AA7BFE700000578-625_634x420article-2539236-1AA7C78400000578-8_634x422The photos do not lie.


We are sadly reminded of Matt Smith, Doctor recently removed, who jumped at the chance to learn to ride a horse for the cowboy-themed episode, “A Town called Mercy.”


Smith said: “After two lessons I was cantering already. I’ve never ridden before. It was purely for ‘Doctor Who”


Come back, Matt Smith, come back…


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