Do Equestrians Want To Be Stars?

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In its latest marketing campaign and catalogue, Italian equestrian outfitter Animo dared to ask the question “Do I want to be famous?” amid images of musicians clad in the latest equestrian performance and competition wear.  So do you?

Since bringing its brand to the United States in 2011, Animo has been rolling out marketing campaigns you might expect from more traditionally “edgy” sports.  For example, one of their early campaigns included this image of an apparent shotgun wedding type scenario.

Animo Shotgun

And later Animo featured this series of photographs of models in traditional equestrian attire, while posing with various athletic gear from other sports, such as hockey, cycling, baseball and tennis.  Many have speculated that the intent of this campaign was to establish horseback riding as just as much a sport as any other athletic endeavor.


Animo Cycling

Last winter, they raised the bar again, with this bold video spot, featuring apparent equestrians breaking into a warehouse to dance it out.

Now the New Fall/Winter 2013-2014 Collection Catalog is here, encouraging equestrians to be full on rock stars.  Can you roll with this?

Animo CommercialAnimo Rock StarScreen Shot 2014-01-12 at 7.42.53 PM

Putting aside for a second that these clothes are undeniably expensive in the United States, I am in love with the direction of these advertising campaigns.  Animo is doing what the Nike’s and Adidas’ of the world have been doing well for years.  They are selling a certain style, a state of mind, as much as they are selling well-fitting sports apparel.  And better still, they have been bold enough to believe that we equestrians can relate to an edgier message.  Hallelujah!

Of course, the love for these campaigns is not universal in our community.  I stumbled upon a Chronicle of the Horse discussion board in which participants called the looks “bizarre” and “Euro-trash.”  Ouch!  But there were an equal number of commenters that love the new direction in equestrian marketing.  You can read the full discussion here.

So I repeat my headline question:  “Do Equestrians Want To Be Stars?”  I hope so, at least as much as any other athlete.  And adopting a fun new edge to our marketing campaigns for equestrian apparel is a fine place to start!

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[All photos courtesy of Amino.]

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