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In an apt if somewhat obvious move, Dark Horse Comics announces the “Year of the Horse.” After losing the Star Wars franchise earlier this year, publisher Mike Richardson and Editor-in-Chief Scott Allie are happy to take advantage of the cosmic timing of the Chinese Zodiac to publicize new publishing platforms, new facets of their current franchises, revivals and a run of new creator-owned titles as well.


In an in-depth interview with Comic Book Resource News, Richardson and Allie insist the departure of Star Wars will free them up to focus on their Superhero Initiative Project Black Sky among others.


Creator-owned series like Elfquest by Richard and Wendy Pini will be pushed front and center. Dark Horse will publish the final Elfquest series in 2014 and plans to reissue all the material in one coherent format.


Greg Rucka’s Veil series which he considers “not quite horror, not quite mystery” is also due for a big launch soon.

Read the whole article here. It’s a fascinating and informative piece about many projects in the Dark Horse stable. In fact Comic Book Resources is a great site in general – we encourage intensive surfing.

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