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The world of horseback riding can be such a buttoned up place at times, that it is absolutely essential to salute those that are trying to keep it real, and maybe even a little irreverent.  So, here’s to you, Phyllis Stine!  This equestrian apparel company isn’t afraid to outfit equestrians in shirts proclaiming Breeches & Boots & Whips & Spurs (double meaning totally intended) or to separate from those horse fans that would buy a mountain of boxy t-shirts featuring something like an Arabian running on the beach.  Amazing!

Breeches & Boots


Phyllis Stein is actually Meredith Duncan.  Confused?  Don’t be.  Ms. Duncan, like so many great punk rockers does her greatest work under a pseudonym.  But a philistine she is not!  Ms. Duncan has a wonderful sense of humor and an eye for rock ‘n’ roll fashion to match.  Thankfully she is also a rider, and has thus brought her talents to our arena in the form of limited edition, super soft and flattering t-shirts for the “discerning equestrienne.”  Since her stock is always changing, it’s crucial to check in often for the latest and greatest gear.



Breeches Brigade

Phyllis Stein is currently rocking the Breeches Brigade look in her shop along with the Breeches & Boots Tee.  In the shop, Duncan suggest that wearing this shirt will make you look like you’re into a really obscure band, which I, of course, think is awesome.  But, her introduction for this design on Facebook is so perfect that I just have to share it in full here:

“MEMBERS WANTED! Join the Breeches Brigade, its like being in a gang only you probably wont get knifed in an alley AND you’ll get to look super sexy in this deep stretch Bamboo/Cotton blend cap sleeve tee!”

Horses, and bands and gangs, oh my!  She really does sound like a Counter-Canter Culture equestrian.

Want more evidence?  Two of Duncan’s now extinct designs are straight up rock star.  The first is this tank celebrating the Canadian (yes, she is Canadian) Equestrian Team for the 2012 London Olympics in the style of a Ramones t-shirt.  The other is this amazing three-quarter length sleeve celebrating the life and career of 2008 Olympic gold medal winner and 2010 ‘Best Horse in the World’ at the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games, Hickstead.  Anyone who witness this champion carry all four of the final riders at the 2010 WEG to clear rounds knows that he deserves to be remembered as nothing less than rock god!

Phyllis Stein Rock Star Gear

I personally can’t wait to see what Phyllis Stein and Meredith Duncan come up with next.  Please keep it rocking!

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Twitter: @RockTheStein

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