Down to the Wire:12.31.13

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Skijoring! Bless You!


National Geographic has just announced its best winter trips for 2014 and Whitefish, Montana is right up there due in part to the fact that the National Skijoring Championships are held in the last week of January just before the Whitefish Winter Carnival.

Equestrian Skijoring began in Europe as a method of winter travel according to Wikipedia, but is now primarily a competitive sport. A skier is pulled by a riderless horse guided by the skier using primarily the motion of the reins and their voice to spur on their horse. The following video by CNN shows how it’s done.

In the US it’s a little different.  A rider guides the horse while the skier navigates a series of jumps and obstacles as well additional sprint races on the flats. In addition to Whitefish as mentioned above, Leadville Colorado hosts its own competition where the emphasis is on speed and competitors also have to grab and hold onto two rings during the race.



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