Down to the Wire: 12.24.13

Down to the Wire

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Goodbye Hollywood

On Sunday Dec 22, Hollywood Park saw its final race. The track was first opened in 1938 and immediately made a name for itself as a star studded venue with celebrities like Elizabeth Taylor, Cary Grant, Bing Crosby and Walt Disney regular attendees. Even the inaugural Hollywood Gold Cup was won by the famous racehorse Seabiscuit.


The LA Weekly posted a thoughtful article by Mike Seely, “Hollywood Park is Shutting Down. Will Horse Racing be next?” (uh, no.) which despite its silly title gives the reader a sense of the history and gone-to-seed atmosphere of the last weeks of the venerable establishment.


An accompanying article by Channing Sargent documents the personalities of the park workers many of whom have worked at the park 40 years or more and consider themselves a family. “Hollywood Park workers look back through history.”


The LA Times also weighs in with a fantastic slide show  to mark the final day of the park.



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