Down to the Wire: 12.17.13

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Elf and Safety

 JS30264623JPG-6406498Just sighted: Mary and Joseph riding donkeys on the way to Bethlehem wearing helmets.

Seriously. Sort of.

As Wales Online noted, “strict ‘elf and safety’ guidelines” were observed for children taking part in the open air nativity at Bridge Church in Neath. A media storm ensued with a holiday happy ending:

“The owner of the donkey has been so thrilled with the extra media attention he’s received this week that he ended up giving us two donkeys for the price of one, so we ended up having Mary and Joseph both riding with helmets on Saturday.”

Click on the article to see the slideshow which is in the finest tradition of holiday adorableness…


horses2-650x351Scientists uncovered fossilized traces of a new species of horse in Ethiopia. The ancient horse lived about 4.4 million years and looked like a small zebra with three-toes hooves. It’s particularly important because, “This little horse seems to fill the missing piece that was needed in the evolution of the horse.” according to a piece in the Guardian Liberty Voice.

In what only we at Counter-Canter Culture would consider related news, a zebra has been on the loose for around a month in Tennessee. We think we know what he’s looking for – his long lost little cousin…


Ok, the next bit of news is not funny but it is seasonal and it is important. Please consider contacting your representative or senator after reading…

280x187x490055561_54c613dba0_o.jpg.pagespeed.ic.QEuoJkWG4vA land conservation tax incentive aimed specifically for equestrian use is due to expire on Dec 31. Since 1986 landowners were granted an enhanced tax deduction if they donated conservation easements to protect sizable tracts of open space.

According to an article in The Chronicle of the Horse, “Equine Land Conservation Resource, a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving land use for horse-related activities, is strongly in favor of keeping the tax incentive alive. According to the ELCR, the enhanced tax incentive for landowners who permanently retire development rights on their land is one of the most cost-effective preventative measures against losing open space, and it helps farms and family land businesses remain profitable, or at least viable.”

“The bills in question are H.R. 2807, “a bill to amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to make permanent the special rule for contributions of qualified conservation contributions,” and S. 526, “a bill to amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to make permanent the special rule for contributions of qualified conservation contributions, and for other purposes.”

The ELCR hopes that the equine community will help by contacting their local representatives and senators and asking them to co-sponsor the bills.


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