‘Tis The Season For The 25 Ugliest Equestrian Christmas Sweaters

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Once a year we are all truly encouraged to wear the most hideous thing hanging in our closets.  This year, let’s revel in it.  Bring on the Ugly Christmas Sweater Party!

My challenge to you is to make the experience an entirely equestrian affair.  From sleigh rides, to rocking horses, to eccentric treasures, there is a horsey Christmas sweater in the perfect size, shape and color for everyone at your stable.  You can get started today with this list of the truly ugliest equestrian Christmas sweaters around.  Don’t dawdle – start clicking on the pictures and then the purchase button.  Believe it or not, these beauties are flying off the shelves!

Sleigh Rides

Dashing through the snow in a one horse open sleigh is among the most traditional of Christmas activities.  So naturally it is an extremely popular scene for over-the-top holiday wear.  Peruse this list, and you’ll see what I mean.  Personally, I recommend going all in on this trend – splurge for the sweater with lights!

Ugly Christmas Sweater 19 Ugly Christmas Sweater 16 Ugly Christmas Sweater 15 Ugly Christmas Sweater 10 Ugly Christmas Sweater 9 Ugly Christmas Sweater 8 Ugly Christmas Sweater 6 IF

Rocking Horses

What horses lover didn’t once wish for a rocking horse under the Christmas tree.  Of course, it was just a precursor to a much bigger wish, but every dreamer must start somewhere.  Revive this wish from your youth with a very bold, some might say overly bold, jumper that pays tribute to your childhood aspiration.

Ugly Christmas Sweater 1

Rocking Horse Vest

Ugly Christmas Sweater 22

Ugly Christmas Sweater 2

Carousel Horses

If it wasn’t a rocking horse you desired, then perhaps with was all the thrills and frills of a carousel horse.  These babies seem to come dressed in every flavor imaginable these days, and holiday cheer is definitely no exception.  So, I suggest you seriously consider taking one of these jolly jumpers for a spin this Christmas.

Ugly Christmas Sweater 24 Ugly Christmas Sweater 25

Ugly Christmas Sweater 13


Country Western

Nothing provides more wonderful, gaudy treasures than the intersection of Christmas and country western.  Just see for yourself.  From hats, to chaps, to the ponies themselves, nothing is off limits for some country western Christmas style in these sweaters.  I’m only sorry to report that the Barbie sweater has already sold.  Better luck next year!

Ugly Christmas Sweater 18 Ugly Christmas Sweater 7


Ugly Christmas Sweater 14


During this season of magic and wonderment, it seems only logical that the horse’s mystical cousin, the unicorn, should see some action.  I particularly love the idea of buying these oh so attractive styles for the special man in your life. Come on, you know it’s a great idea!

Ugly Christmas Sweater 27


Ugly Christmas Sweater 28


Ugly Christmas Sweater 29

One Of A Kind

Finally there are those rare treasures that defy a category.  Such is the case with these final three.  I personally am thrilled to see that a horse in his stall is an appropriate Christmas image, worthy of being decked out in lights.  I also marvel at the festive spin given to a simple horse head and horseshoes by the fine gentleman in picture two.

But, I saved the best for last.  Sure this looks like your average hideous Christmas sweater with a plush horse sewn on for good measure, but there is more!  That wonderful pony sings “Achy Breaky Heart” on command.  This particular sweater is also sadly already sold.  So I give you a second challenge.  Recreate this wonderful beast of a Christmas sweater.  I’m sure you’ll down bring the barn!



Ugly Christmas Sweater 20

Horse Sweater Sings Achy Breaky Heart

If you still haven’t found the perfect Christmas equestrian sweater in this lot or on any of the websites, I suggest you try www.MyUglyChristmasSweater.comwww.ultimateuglychristmas.com and the Etsy retailer Music City Vintage.

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