Arts & Equitainment: Vintage Photoshop

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Are  TV commercials an art form? Possibly. At the very least, many are tremendous works of craftsmanship telling a story and evoking strong emotions in a matter of seconds. Created just to sell a product? Sure, but many famous paintings were commissioned by patrons to guarantee their personal brand was convincingly promoted to the public.

Take for instance this painting of Napoleon on a rearing horse by Jacques Louis DAVID (1748-1825):


 The First Consul crossing the Alps at the Grand-Saint-Bernard pass Musée National du Château de Malmaison

Produced intentionally to sell the myth that Napoleon was the equal of ancient conquerors like Charlemagne and Hannibal;  the truth was that Napoleon actually crossed the alpine pass riding a donkey and wearing a simple grey coat not a magnificent cloak!  Makes Photoshop look like a measly bunch of pixels…

Back to now. You’ve probably seen the new Wells Fargo Holiday commercial featuring the famous coach and team of six horses. If not, it’s a charming seasonal fantasy as the team races to deliver Christmas packages through a snowy night with a little unexpected help.

Art? Well, decide for yourself:

Now watch the next video that shows how the team of horses is trained to pulled the historic Wells Fargo Coach, keeping that part of the West’s heritage alive for the rest of us. Now that really is an art.


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