Arts & Equitainment: Video Games

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Odin (Final Fantasy XIII)

Starting this Sunday is a new column that profiles the Fine Arts as they relate to the equestrian world: Arts and Equitainment.  All the high artsy horsey stuff with be covered including painting, sculpture, literature, film, theater, and photography. But hey, this is Counter-Canter Culture so let’s start with one of my favorite art forms: The Video Game.

To begin, I’m sharing a whimsical article at  by Ben Reeves on TOP TEN HORSES IN VIDEO GAMES. He writes with genuine enthusiasm and knowledge of the power of horses as symbols and characters in the games. Interestingly he found the topic was one that people felt strangely passionately about.

“Few topics have divided the Game Informer office more than identifying the most wonderful horsey in the world of video games. When it came time for everyone to vote for his or her favorite horses, enthusiasm ranged from “I don’t get it” to “get that paper out of my face.” With their lean muscular frames and shiny manes, a horse’s beauty serves to inspire us all. They’d likely be man’s best friend if it weren’t for those mangy, overrated mutts. Wear your horse love tall and proud – these are the top 10 horses in all of gaming.”

Find the whole article here and see if you agree with the rankings they gave the top ten.

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