Time To Cowboy Up This Weekend

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Songs that lend a voice to the equestrian world in a way only music can.

In this week’s playlist, I investigated the question “Where have all the cowboys gone?”  This query was quite literally answered by The Horse Circus yesterday:  to the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo of course!  So to all those getting ready to “cowboy up” this weekend, I offer these inside details on 100% Sound featured artists: Family of the Year, Zac Brown Band and Dry The River.

Family of the Year – “Hero”

First up, as promised on Thursday, is Family of the Year’s video for the playlist track “Hero,” featuring the life of professional bull rider Nicholas Sartor.  This video was shot on location in Sartor’s home town, and other than the day job he has in the video (in real life he’s a welder), everything you see is real.  Sartor has been riding bulls since he was six, and has had career highs including being ranked among the top bull riders in the world, as well as the all too common lows such as being hit in the throat by a bull’s horn and ending up in a medically induced coma for a week.

As for Family of the Year, the music video shoot was literally their first rodeo.  Drummer Seb Keefe commented that he was struck by how seriously not just Sartor, but the whole community, took the risks and rewards of the sport.  This setting perfectly complimented their song as it grapples with the question of what it means to chase the dream of being an American hero.

The Zac Brown Band and James Taylor – “Colder Weather”/”Sweet Baby James”

Next is this mash up of artists Zac Brown and James Taylor on their respective hit songs, “Colder Weather” and “Sweet Baby James” at the Academy of Country Music Awards in 2011.  I am personally always a fan of anything that reminds us of James Taylor’s contributions to not just the folk music scene, but to country music as well.   In his Las Vegas stage show, Garth Brooks recounts how he broke down into sobs when he first met Mr. Taylor, and he named his daughter Taylor in honor of the man.  Now that’s influence!

I am also a particular fan of this mash up in the context of the playlist because it combines the tale of the rambling man from “Colder Weather” with James Taylor’s quintessential loner cowboy “Sweet Baby James.”  It’s a perfect fit – enjoy!

Dry  the River – “No Rest”

And now I leave with some truly amazing arts and crafts.  To promote the video for their single (and 100% Sound playlist track) “No Rest,” Dry the River commissioned French multidisciplinary creative Xavier Barrade to make eye-catching posters to be hung around London.  Barrade delivered by designing stunning three dimensional paper horse posters that could not be missed.

Director Ricky Stanton then made Barrade this short film showing passers-by reacting to the posters. Not surprisingly, the posters achieved great coverage in the art, design, creative and music press, (more than 3 million online prints) and the Dry the River official video shot up from 10,000 views to 300,000 views in two day as a result of the publicity caused by the campaign.

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