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Horses Cut Shop LogoWith Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday right around the bend, it’s the prefect time to salute the local and small business we love here at Counter-Canter Culture.  I encourage you to check out the collections of previously featured retailers Little War Horse and Riding Ninja Apparel, and to learn a little more about Horses Cut Shop in this week’s post!

Horses Cut Shop is an online store owned by Gabe Johnson that sells made-in-the-USA T-shirts with logos from dive bars, taverns and other small businesses across America, such as a personal favorite of mine, Amoeba Records, right here in Los Angeles.  A portion of each sale is given back to the business whose logo is on the t-shirt.   His aim is to celebrate and support this slice of Americana before it vanishes, so you could say this is a small business supporting small businesses.  Double Whammy!

Johnson’s association with horses comes from his membership in the Fraternal Order of Eagles, an international organization originally made up of those in and around the performing arts.  From this he learned to love the idea of using animals as totems, and has made the wise choice of picking the horse as his own.

Johnson describes Horses Cut Shop as an “unincorporated meeting spot for artists, riffraff, musicians and people who wished to create their own ‘reality,’ if only for one day or night at a time.”  You can get a taste of what Johnson and Horses Cut Shop are all about in this short video from Nordstrom.

Meet The Maverick, Gabe Johnson, Horses Cut Shop Curator

Horses Cut Shop also offers great looking branded merchandise, including this women’s t-shirt.  And they promise they are working feverishly to bring more designs to women’s wear.

Women's Horses Cut Shop T-Shirt

In the meantime, be sure to check out the collection of original men’s t-shirts on their website and in select Nordstrom stores.  These are just a few of the beauties available for sale online.  Happy start to the shopping season!

Horses Cut Shop T-Shirts

L-R: Comet Tavern, Seattle | Amoeba Music, SF | Wolski’s Tavern, Milwaukee
Twin Anchors, Chicago |
 Hole in the Wall, Austin

Horses Cut Shop 2

L-R: Moby Dick’s, Minneapolis | Kelly’s Olympian, Portland
Pete Paulsen’s House of Wheels, San Leandro | Sunset Sound, Hollywood | Baranof, Seattle

[Still-life photos courtesy of Horses Cut Shop.]

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