Down to the Wire:11.19.13

Down to the Wire

 Down to the Wire races to deliver the latest Equine and Equestrian news to Counter-Canter Culture


Although major storms hit the US Midwest this past Sunday in Indiana, Illinois and Missouri the good news is that there were few horse evacuations needed according to this article in The Horse:

In fact, according to Rebecca Gimenez, PhD, primary instructor and president of the Technical Large Animal Emergency Rescue, owners should not confine their horses to the barn in many cases during severe storms.

“Unless your barn is built like Fort Knox and certified for a high-wind event, horses should be in their pastures,” she said. “Horses may get nasty injuries, but they won’t be crushed in the barn.”

Gimenez also reminds owners to clear their property, pastures, and paddocks of any items that could become projectiles when a storm strikes, including tree limbs that could blow down in storm force winds and other debris.

Counter-Canter Culture also reminds you that just because there might be a severe storm system around, a true equestrian keeps on keeping on. Watch this AMAZING video of a Russian rider finishing her freestyle no matter what (weather turns crazy around 3:45)


And finally, a horse and trainer should know better than to get between a cat and it’s favorite lounge whip string toy:


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