Four Ways To Give Your Equestrian Accessories A Kick

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My earliest memories of horses are a mix of reality and fantasy.  Afternoon trips to the barn for my sister’s riding lessons, and soon after my own, were followed by hours of play with My Little Ponies.  Visually, I traveled from the world of burgundies, hunter greens and navy blues to the realm of rainbow colors.

When I look at the bulk of equestrian fashion today, the influence of the hunting lifestyle is always evident, but much of the whimsy of the horsey toys we loved as kids is lost.  Let’s bring it back!  This fall, instead of buying your umpteenth pair of snaffle bit loafers, try kicking it up a notch with these daring accessory suggestions.  Click on the links within the descriptions to buy the look for yourself.



1. Boldly Wear Real Bits

Bit Pieces

A tastefully placed snaffle-looking bit on an accessory has become a touchstone of upper class style, but really it’s not much fun.  Now wearing the real thing – that’s a statement!  This Black Royer Purse by Horse + Nail is sure to make you stand out from the Gucci crowd, and if you can pull off this Equestrian Statement Necklace by Marjan Petrovsky you’ll be the talk of the horse show!


2. Upgrade from Pendant Necklace to a Chest Piece

Betsey Johnson Lady Luck Necklaces

Betsey Johnson is a designer known for her love of the fanciful.  So you just know if she dips into the world of equestrian fashion, she’s not going to come out with your run of the mill horseshoe pendant necklace.  She goes big!  Her Lady Luck series is a perfect example of this.  Both her Ride With Me and Love Horses charm necklaces will shout you love fantastic equestrian fashion from a mile away.


3. Bits & Stirrups Revised

Modern Equestrian Bracelets

When you are out looking for equestrian arm candy, it’s nearly impossible to avoid those expected pieces of hardware – the bit and the stirrup.  But if you’re going to rock it, do it on trend!  This Friendship Bracelet with Gold Bit by Leather Diva is the perfect update to the traditional equestrian cuff and this Stirrup Leather Bracelet from Back In The Saddle will give you the wrap bracelet style that is all the rage.


4. Put Real Studs In Your Ears

Punk Unicorn Earings Final

Finally for the truly daring, throw away your safe gold horsehead or horseshoe earrings and trade up to these punk unicorn studs with flair.  They come in Brass and Silver for those who are training level counter-culture equestrians, as well a bold Assortment of Neon for those who have advanced to the Grand Prix.

Are you sporting a counter-culture equestrian accessory these days.  We’d love to hear about it on our Facebook!

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