Episode II – Fantasia: Music Evolved

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Songs that lend a voice to the equestrian world in a way only music can.

When Rotten Tomatoes opined that “Fantasia” is “a landmark in animation and a huge influence on the medium of music video,” they weren’t kidding!  Animation in modern music videos is exceedingly popular to this day.  One of my favorite artists currently working in this art form is 100% Sound playlist artist: Gotye.  Last weekend, I shared his touching video for the song “Bronte,” from the playlist May Angels Lead You In.  But that is just the tip of the iceberg on this gentleman’s foray into the mixing of music and animation.

If you have ever had the unique pleasure of seeing Gotye perform live, then you will know that his stage show includes large-scale projections of animated videos that move in time with the music.  It’s stunning.  And he brings this same spirit to his official music videos with great success.  The video for his hit sing “Somebody I Used To Know” was nominated for Video of the Year and Best Editing in a Video at the 2012 MTV Video Music Awards, and has received over 400 million views on YouTube.

For the Counter-Canter Culture audience, I offer up this exceedingly Fantasia-esque video for Gotye’s instrumental track “Seven Hours With A Backseat Driver,” from his 2006 album “Like Drawing Blood.”  See animals get their dance on Gotye style!

Gotye – Seven Hours With A Backseat Driver

If you are like me, after seeing these magnificent animated animal videos from the likes of Disney and Gotye you are wondering how you can get your hand in the game.  Never fear!  “Fantasia” is once again to the rescue.  The geniuses at Disney and Harmonix, the original developers of the “Guitar Hero” series, have joined forces to bring you “Fantasia: Music Evolved.”

Fantasia: Music Evolved is a revolutionary musical motion video game inspired by the original “Fantasia.”  In the game, players enter the magical realms to perfect their musical and magical prowess as a new apprentice to the legendary sorcerer Yen Sid.  Fantasia: Music Evolved takes players on an interactive and immersive motion-controlled journey through worlds of music and magic.  Learn more about the game in this introductory video.

The Evolution of Disney’s Fantasia

Fantasia: Music Evolved will be available on Kinect™ and Xbox One in 2014. I certainly hope to see young pegasus in the the mix!

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