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Riding Habit Revised a column where the best and worst of equestrian fashion and decor is reviewed with a modern edge.  


Riding Ninja LogoIn this edition of Riding Habit Revisited, I would like to introduce you to a brand of riding apparel we love here at Counter-Canter Culture.  Riding Ninja is a fun-loving brand of casual equestrian apparel designed by Mariya Zhev.  Zhev created this brand for “horse loving girls, ladies and babies everywhere [who are] yearning for a funnier, sassier, cooler, more adorable line of equestrian themed clothing to strut their stuff in.”  Hey, that’s us!

We also love that the inspiration for the line of clothing is Zhev’s remarkable Shire mare, Ryllin.  Despite her breeding, Ryllin has proved to be a fearless jumper – a fact which led to jokes that she was actually just a ninja disguised as a draft horse.  The idea of an Equestrian Ninja quickly followed for Zhev, and soon she was drawing dozens of funny sketches of ninjas on horses.

Zhev brings a great sense of humor to her line, and isn’t afraid to break away from the traditional equestrian color palette.  “After all,” she correctly reasons, “a sense of humor in our sport/hobby is almost a requirement.”  We at Counter-Canter Culture couldn’t agree more.

Check out some of the fresh designs from Riding Ninja below, and click on the pictures to go to the Riding Ninja Apparel shop to make these or any of their other great designs your own.

Riding Ninja - Jump Like A Ninja

Jump Fancy Burnout T

Riding Ninja Horseholic

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