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Songs that lend a voice to the equestrian world in a way only music can.

Are you in need of some equine therapy this weekend?  Let 100% Sound provide a soothing soundtrack for the experience with: May Angels Lead You In.  Also get to know more about the featured artist from the playlist below.

Featured Artists from the Playlist: Gotye, Trent Dabbs and Gregory Alan Isakov

This week’s playlist focused on the experience of losing a horse, but it is worth remembering that horses are also a powerful agent for healing.  Indeed, horses ancient ability to provide us with the means for growth and recovery has held fast even as their involvement in our lives has shifted from occupation to recreation.  Proof of this is found in the success of the equine therapy industry today.  But, as equestrians rather than just patients, we also know that it is our responsibility in return to provide horses with the trustworthy and respectful leadership they require.  It is a true partnership.

In Gotye’s video for the playlist song, “Bronte,” he turns the track and its head and investigates the situation where horses (well actually mythical woodland creatures) suffer the loss of their human leader and friend.  The story delicately depicts how loss can be just as devastating for an animal as it may be for their human counterpart.   This is worth remembering when dealing with the equine members of our community.

Gotye – Bronte

The “May Angels Lead You In” playlist was lucky to get a big boost this week from the, just in time, November 5 release of Trent Dabbs’ new album “The Way We Look At Horses.”  Not only did the track “Time Decides” make it on the playlist, but the title track is actually a thoughtful rumination on the use of horses in treating patients with post-traumatic stress and other physical and mental disorders.

According to Dobbs, this idea permeates the entire album:  “It is said that horses help us connect with buried feelings from the past and provide healing. Many of the themes throughout this album deal with death, love, making a change and the patterns that we’ve adopted to help us deal with difficult times,” explains Trent. “I love the image of the horse, being strong and steady and using them as a formidable metaphor to get us through.”  It is so lovely to see a songwriter set this topic to music.

The Way We Look At Horses – Trent Dabbs

Finally there is this exquisite non-album track from Gregory Alan Isakov.  In the video he does a great job of setting up the background for this song, so definitely check it out.  For my part, I’ll just say this.  If a man wanted to prove his steadfast love for an equestrian woman through her wild or troubled days, staying behind to feed her horses is an excellent place to start.

Gregory Alan Isakov – I’ll Feed Your Horses

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