October 25, 2013


The Horse Circus

We pretend to go to the horse show but everyone really knows it’s a circus!

Bring on the clowns! And the horses too!

Every Friday Counter-Canter Culture features the important US and International Horse Shows currently under way.

Washington International Horse Show Poster

2013 Washington International Horse Show

You probably didn’t think it was possible, but some apolitical animals are invading D.C.  That’s right – it’s time once again for the Washington International Horse Show!

This year’s highlights include the new $33,000 International Open Jumper Welcome Stake, the $20,000 Gamblers Choice Costume Class and Shetland Pony Steeplechase (Thursday night; Barn Night); Celebrity Barrel Racing, Terrier Racing, the $50,000 Open Jumper Speed Final and the $25,000 Puissance high jump competition (Friday night, Military Night); and Kids Day and the $125,000 President’s Cup Grand Prix (Saturday day and night).

Certainly all those big money jumping classes are not to be missed, but we are truly intrigued by the addition of Celebrity Barrel Racing to the lineup this year.  Professional barrel racers affiliated with the National Barrel Horse Association, Women’s Professional Rodeo Association or American Professional Rodeo Association will team up with a celebrity hunter, jumper or junior rider to run the barrels. The fastest team will win $2,500 and WIHS custom-made belt buckles.  How great would it be to have a proper belt buckle to wear at your next hunter/jumper show?!  Good job to the WIHS for bringing the horse community together on this one.

Since Halloween is on the brain, Counter-Canter Culture also hopes that you caught the Gamblers Choice Costume Class last night.  Just take a look at the winning ride from 2011.  It’s enough to get Americans cheering for old Uncle Sam again!

If you can’t make it to the show, you can get all the results at here.  Or, better yet, catch the classes live.  The show is being streamed in its entirety at www.wihs.org, and is also available on USEF Network at www.usefnetwork.com.

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