Top Five Videos That Give Street Cred Back To Dancing Horses

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Songs that lend a voice to the equestrian world in a way only music can.

Dancing horses are desperately in need of street cred these days.  Word is that they and their owners are just snot-nosed nags!  But really these ponies are more like Billy Elliot – they just want to dance!  And leave the drama behind.  The “horses” in these five videos are doing their best to set the record straight for all equestrian performers!

1. Echo & The Bunnymen – “Bring On The Dancing Horses” Music Video

Perhaps 1985 was a simpler time, when a band like Echo & The Bunnymen, with legitimate industry cred, could croon to “Bring on the dancing horses,” and not be eaten alive.  The song of course has nothing to do with horses (despite its frequent appearance on best horse song lists), which helped I’m sure. But it still belongs on this list because the video features an absolutely gorgeous horse/unicorn headpiece, and various other horse performers who are every bit as convincing as a forlorn new-waver as Ian McCulloch himself!

2. Capital Cities – “Kangaroo Court” Music Video

This single from Capital Cities feels much more modern.  Being a dancing horse (or zebra, actually) does get you eaten alive!  But, putting aside the morbid ending, there is great artistry and humor in this video.  My favorite part is the fake ID:  Imma Mustang.  And that mustang will do anything to dance at the coolest nightclub in town – love it!  For you Gleeks, check out Darren Criss playing the bulldog.

3. Santigold sings “Hold The Line” at Coachella

I had the pleasure of seeing this in real life at the Coachella Valley Music And Arts Festival, held on the Empire Polo Fields in Indio, California.  Imagine me, just about to move from the Santigold set to another (there is always so much to see!), when what do I spy?  A dancing horse, of course!  And some modern day lassoing cowgirls to boot.  I had to stay and cheer on this performance, which Santigold says was a brainchild all her own.  As you can hear, many others in the audience were exited as well.  Turns out, dancing horse equals big hit at Coachella.  It seems only fitting since we are literally taking over their stomping grounds.

4. Nick Cave’s Heard NY

Nick Cave (a Chicago-based artist and not of The Bad Seeds, but still carrying on the new wave tradition of dancing horses) is responsible for this wonderfully colorful performance art that invaded New York last spring.  Heard NY features a herd of thirty life-size horses that preform choreographed movements to music in Grand Central Station.  That’s practically dancing horses on Broadway!  Check out this video not only to see the “Heard” in action but also to learn more about the art.

5. Dance Pony Dance from Three UK

And finally there is this little gem.  It’s a Shetland pony – mooning walking like Micheal Jackson – to Fleetwood Mac.  Can you ask for more?  While this seems to me to be the epitome of adorableness, apparently at you can make your own!  The website currently says the Pony is on holiday, but he’ll be back again soon.  I for one am anxiously awaiting his return!  We need more of his kind, proving that dancing horses are rockers too!

So there you have it.  Dancing horse street cred restored!  But they can always use more help.  If you love a dancing horse video that didn’t make the list, just let us know and we’ll share it!

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