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Riding Habit Revised a column where the best and worst of equestrian fashion and decor is reviewed with a modern edge.  

Have you ever googled equestrian fashion or equestrian décor?  Suddenly you’re here:

Dala Deer

Thrust back a century or more to images of sprawling old English-style estates, well-worn ranch houses and riders decked in perfectly preserved tall boots, breeches and a fitted jacket.  But why?  That’s not everyday horseback riding attire – or even fashion for that matter.  Most of us wear t-shirts or polos, and frankly those breeches and boots are pretty dirty by the end of a horse day.

Nevertheless, designers and riders often champion this age-old look.  There are more equestrian publications that aim to capture the “elegance” of equestrian life than just about anything else out there for riders online or in print.  And they toss only the occasional carrot to anyone trying to do something truly new or different.

With this in mind, Riding Habit Revisited comes to you with two goals:

1.  To highlight really great fashion and décor for modern day riders; and

2.  To point out all of the humorous trappings of equestrian fashion we are supposed to need and want.

Now, before you start thinking, “Well, a lot of that classic gear and attire she seems to want us to toss away still serves an important function,” let me reassure you.  No one here will suggest sporting tassels that terrify the horse or such an extreme amount of rhinestones that one can barely watch you ride without burning out their corneas.  I once had to avert my eyes during a riding lesson where a young woman chose to wear an off the shoulder t-shirt.  Is that practical?  No.  On this point, I agree with mistress of manners herself.

Emily Post on Horseback Riding Attire

That being said, it’s the 21st Century already.  Anyone brave enough for the hunting-field can certainly handle a new bold new look. For example, try this on for size.


This t-shirt from REDBUBBLE pays homage to one of my favorite UK bands, Foals, and it comes in a number of fits to accommodate any rider’s physique.  So check it out by clicking on the picture above, and join Counter-Canter Culture and Riding Habit Revised in the new age of equestrian fashion!

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