The Buzz…

IMG_0287You sit there, waiting for your horse to dry in the wash rack, swatting flies off your neck with a dog-eared copy of whatever equine magazine the trainer left lying around accidentally-on-purpose. Do you really want to read that article on how to ride? It’s not like you haven’t heard it all before, most likely from the above mentioned trainer. They only resorted to print in desperation, trying to get you to grasp some concept they’ve mentioned, oh, about 867 times in the last month.

We know what you really want. You want the fun stuff. The cool stuff. The sizzle. Because well, you’re the horse apple. And that’s what we intend to provide here at C-CC. Because we’re the horse apple too!

C-CC is going to cover the horsey world with the deep seated flair and lighthearted touch of the reins it deserves. Trending equestrian competition, fashion, films, music, personalities – people too! For real knowledge go elsewhere but if you want all the hip horse culture info and (depending on your discrete emails) gossip, well baby, you’ve found your stable!

So stir up the shavings and wander over the site.  Check out 100% Sound for amazing playlists of equestrian themed music that finally have the correct collection. Down to the Wire races to deliver the latest equine news and Riding Habit Revised showcases the latest equestrian fashion. Arts & Equitainment covers the horsey art world as The Horse Circus covers the horsey show world. Over The Hump, that is Over The Jump Day offers up horse humor from the web to get you through the week, while Free Rein gives our readers a chance to share their own stories.  And finally in MacKomics, Mackenzie shares his opinion of just about everything and as usual, has the last whinny.

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